The Best Oak Suppliers in the UK

The United Kingdom is known for its oak trees, or what others would call the English oak. Oak trees were significant resources that have many uses, including construction and fuel. Part of the state’s economy is run by oak suppliers who started their timber businesses generations ago. While there are plenty of competitors in the industry, there are some oak suppliers who provide the best oak in the English market.

Border Hardwood

Border Hardwood is one of the best suppliers of oak beams in the UK with a reputation that precedes it. Border Hardwood also exports its oak beams to other countries. Its certifications make the company’s operations sustainable and controlled without damaging the environment outside its designated sites. Structural oak beams are its main products. Both air dried oak beams and green oak beams are popular choices in demand. Air dried oak beams are air dried for about five years which are then sold at different lengths. Their green oak beam comes in various grades and measures that are durable for any construction project.


Timbersource is an oak supplier with more than a century of experience in the industry. Their supply of oak trees is replanted after every harvest, which makes them sustainable and eco-friendly. Aside from the typical European oak beams, Timbersource also offers an array of American, West African, and other types of oak and wood. They also sell oak frame structures such as gazebos, pergolas, or a frame that is made to order. Fresh oak out of the mill is also available. You can order a product, pay for it, and have it shipped through their website.

UK Timber

UK Timber is another famous oak supplier among the locals. What makes this company shine from the other suppliers is its delivery service. UK Timber boasts of its nationwide delivery service wherein “crane-offload vehicles” are used in delivery the requested order within the most effective means and costs. Their products and services include oak beams, cladding, decking, fencing, framing, kitchenware, furniture, doors, fixings, and fuel or firewood. You can negotiate the size and cut you would like to order for a reasonable price.

Border Hardwood, Timbersource, and UK Timber are some of the top oak suppliers in the UK. The best oak supplier for you should also depend on your location since it may be better to receive your orders as fast as possible. Nevertheless, UK oak suppliers all have the quality that fits precisely into your budget.