Best Teclado for Programmers and coders – 2019

Programmers spend most of the time of their days while designing, writing, and testing the computer code. This makes the teclado one of the essential tools for their kit.

The programmer won’t just take any keyboard and hope it does well. They need one of the best keyboards that will make their life and job more manageable. A teclado they can type the whole long day without any problem and also reprogram it to access the most frequented applications on their Pcs easily.


The best keyboard should reduce how often you use the mouse and consequently boost your productivity.

Here is the list of the best keyboards that you’ll get from the market right now.

Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard:

The Microsoft Sculpt Keyword has the comfortable ergonomic design with a separate number pad incorporated in it. The plus point to this keyboard is that it’s wireless, so you do not have to worry about the tangles. The keys are a little bit larger than most of the keyboards which cause less typing errors.

Das Smart Mechanical Keyboard:

It is one of the sturdiest keyboards with an aluminum top panel. Das Smart Mechanical Keyboard uses the Gamma Zulu switches that are more long-lasting. It provides a great typing experience to the coders and programmers. It also supports the IFTT protocol.

Happy Hacking Professional 2 Keyboard:

It is a smaller keyboard than the Tenkeyless keyboard. The key response is very instant due to high-quality Topre switches. It is a durable keyboard and is easy to use.

The only problem in this keyboard is that it doesn’t have the arrows keys.

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid:

It has an excellent design and provides the effortless typing experience to the programmer. It is very easily portable and has LED lights in the actual keys on the board. It also doesn’t incorporate the num pad.…