Know More About Jurassic Species – Quite Amusing

Hi Buddy , Here i am introducing about the most interesting jurassic species. These are the only special species which makes us to feel small. It quite amusing to know about these species. They are mainly divided into 2 types. Fauna & Flora. Flora includes the jurassic species which lives terrestrial & the others live on seas.

The primary animal vertebrates which are living in the sea were fish and marine reptiles & the others were terrestrial.

Jurassic Park Fauna :

Jurassic Animals Which live on Water :

The jurassic animals which live in water are : ichthyosaurs ,plesiosaurs, pliosaurs, Teleosauridae and Metriorhynchidae. See its amazing pics below.

jurassic animals extincted






Terrestrial Animals of Jurassic Park :

Some of the most important Terrestrial animals of jurassic Park includes : CamarasaurusApatosaurus, Diplodocus,  Allosaurus, Stegosaurus. Have a look at it’s pictures below.









Jurassic Park Flora :

Flora deals with the plants. Jurassic Flora deals with the plants which will grow or survive in the Jurassic world. Here

jurassic plants

(Conifers) These are the dominant land plants of the Jurassic..

These are some of the most important animals and plants of the jurassic world. Stay tune with the Science Category on this blog.. I will get few more interesting things to show you..

Thank you for reading..

I hope you got some info about the animals of the jurassic world. Buddy Don’t Forget to Share it..Thanks for being all the time here..Thanks a lot buddy.

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