Amazing Sea Creatures – Unknown & Unbelievable Marine Creatures Which are Revealed Recently

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Here i will show you the most Amazing Unseen Sea Creatures which are in our Colorful World. Those Creatures are ever seen by any one up-to now. These Creatures which i am showing here are the creatures that you won’t believe without existing & living on our Planet. Nearly After 100 Years of Sea Exploration, Our Scientist discovered some Amazing Unseen Ugly & Beautiful Creatures from our Blue Oceans. Those are really Strange.

Orange Frog Fish :

Orange Frog FishThis Orange Frog Fish are full of suprises which evolved into different forms. They are Twig , Worm , Features etc.., In Order to bait their favorite meal Frog Fish will Swallow prey up to twice their own size. This Frog Fish is Sponge & Rock in appearance. It will blend it’s colors with its surroundings.

Longhorn Cowfish :

longhorn cow fishThese type of fishes are native to the sub-tropical waters of the Indo – Pacific regions. It will grow up-to 20 inches. Those are so colorful so you take them to aquarium because it will give beauty to your surroundings. There is also a myth about this fish in older scripts : “It will give 1000 years of good luck if you live” .

Bubble Eye Gold Fish :

bubble eye goldfishThis Bubble Eyed Gold Fish is one of the most delicate breeds of the most famous fancy GoldFish .This Bubble Eye Old Fish is the result of mutation which came to the world after several breeding/Crossing experiments. It is having a very good memory capability which lasts upto 3 months. Not only this fish, there are several other species evolved from the GoldFish.

Baloon Fish :

baloon fishIt looks like large bird in the angry birds game. It can tack large & large amounts of water which makes them to grow twice or thrice of its initial size. But it is far more deadlier than snakes because it will release Tetrodotoxin which has the capability of killing 30 human adults. But the fun is even though the Baloon Fish is Dangerous it is using as a food in several countries mostly in Japan & Thailand.

Mexican Salamander :

mexican salamanderThis Amazing Sea Creature is so Famous because of its Amazing Healing Capabilities. It will regrow Limbs, Tails, Hearts & even Brain Cells at an Unbelievable Outstanding rate. This Amazing Feature made so Popular in the Science World among several Scientists.

Leafy Seadragon :

leafy seadragonThis Leafy Seadragon is so famous in South Australia. It is the Marine Symbol of South Australia. It looks like an Amazing Mythical Dragon which is in the stories or scripts.

Lion Fish :

lion fishIt has been visually sighted down to the depths of 305 meters . It’s Stomach has the capability of expanding it’s stomach 30 times than it’s normal size. It Can live 3 months without eating any food but loses only 10 % of it’s body mass. Some times it can live even more longer than 3 months .

Angler Fish :

angler fishI think you saw this type of fish in some famous cartoon films. One of them is Finding Nemo. This fish is so famous in Sea Creatures due to its ugly appearance & Hunting Capabilities.

Blanket Octopus :

blanket octopusThis Amazing Sea Creature like an Octopus Wearing a Blanket to Protect it’s from extreme conditions( High Cold Condition). It is Present Only at some rare parts of the sea world. Many Famous Biologists Searching a lot for this Creature for Scientific Purposes. This Blanket Octopus can spend their entire life drifting in the open oceans of warm regions. They are famous & better know for their defense mechanism. Suppose if a jelly fish passes near the octopuses, they will tear out the poisonous tentacles of the jellifish.

Fflying Fish :

fflying fish barbadosThis fish can fly several hundreds of feet in the air. It is usually found in Atlantic Pacific Ocean , Indian Oceans & at many Places of Barbados. It is the National Fish of Barbados. It can glide for a maximum duration of 45-60 seconds.

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