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Pressure Magic : Howdy Pal , Here i am Specifying Pressure Magic to save a Person at evergreen einsteinsome tough situations . Suppose you are ice – skating on a freezed pond . When you are skating , if one of the beautiful , good – looking Boy/Girl fell into that Pond due to some ice breakage because of the mistakes done by him / her . Do you know how to approach and save him/her..?? You can go near to him/her by walking near to her/him . But the problem is you also may fall into the ice Pond’s hole due to the large pressure acting on the ice . So Here i am specifying a Solution to save your Beautiful Boy/Girl .

Solution to Save your Boy/Girl :

Just get down on your stomach and lean some inches forward to distribute the force of your body on the Pond’s ice . Due to this less pressure acts on the Pond’s ice . So that there will be less possibility of breaking the ice on the pond . Pressure acting by your body on the ice when standing is a lot more than when lying down on the ice.


P=Pressure acting on the Pond’s Ice

F=Force Exerted by the body on the Ice

A=Area covered by the body

Explanation ( Reason behind of falling if you walk on ice ) :

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Suppose let you body weight be 60 kilograms ( Force of your body ) and 600 square centimeters of ponds ice is the AREA ( 0.06 square meters of area ). That means Pressure acting on the body is P=60/0.06 = 1000 kilograms . If you walk to reach the boy/girl , when you lift your foot your pressure will doubles that means 2000 kilograms of pressure acts per square centimeter .

That’s it buddy ..

This is all about Pressure Magic of Physics ..

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