Physicists Proved Quantum Entanglement with Laser Pointer which double data rates/speeds

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Here i am discussing about an article called ” Physicists Proved Quantum Entanglement with Laser Pointer which double data rates/speeds “ . To know more about this , proceed with the explanation below.

The conventional beam of lasers shape and polarization from a laser pointer naturally mimic the quantum entanglement when laser beam has a  dependent shape of polarization . This quantum entaglement can be used for encoding double bits of info when lasers beam is “separable.”quantum entanglement

In a classic & basic eureka moment, one of the physicists team led The City College of New York , Herriot-Watt University & Corning Incorporated for showing how actually the beams from the ordinary laser pointer’s which naturally mimics the quantum entanglement with the doubling potential for the sake of laser communications data speed.

quantum entanglement

Quantum entanglement is actually a phrase but it is more likely heard on popular science fiction TV shows like “Fringe” and the “Doctor Who.” In that Show quantum entanglement by Albert Einstein described as ” a spooky distance action ” , when the two quantum Objects are entangled, if one is ‘touched’ & the other ‘feel it’ as even if those objects are separated by a great distance. This quantum entanglement also helps in telepathic science & many other sciences .


“At the position of the ‘nonseparability’ heart of quantum entanglement is  that the two entangled objects/things are actually described by an unfactorizable formula/equation” which is actually said by the City College PhD student named “Giovanni Milione” . But most “Interestingly, a conventional laser pointer/beams shape and it’s polarization is also nonseparable”.

To make the shape and polarization of laser beam nonseparable, the researchers recently transformed it into a vector beam which is actually a polarization’s dependent shape/shapes. Then by using the off-shelf components to ‘touch’ only in its polarization as those physicists showed that it could be encoded as a double bits of info. Surprisingly, this quantum entanglement processed was twice as much information that could be encoded as when the laser beam was separable.

“In principal, this can also be used to double the data rate/speed of the laser communications” as it is said by CCNY Distinguished Professor of Phyiscs named Robert Alfano. This Quantum Entanglement theory will make us to understand the science beyond natural things. If one object is touched at one place will makes other object to feel which is at the other place as they are not connected.

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