Phasing Power – How to Move through wall Using Quantum Phase Transition on Single Phase Switch

Hey Nerd, Here you will know the reason behind the Phase Transition of any Body/Object/Other. Phasing Power involves many Quantum Mechanic Phase Transition on Shape Principles. But Here i will give you an interesting overview & the reason behind the phenomenon. Discovering the Phasing Power within themselves or the other things is a one of the most very interesing & awesome thing in the whole world of science & the magic ( unknown science – if we don’t know the reasons).

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How to Use Phasing Power – The Reason Behind the Quantum Phase / Phasing :

What does Quantum Phasing Mean : In simple words i can say phasing means, involving our matter with the other matters speed , time , space- time etc.., In which we are behaving like the other matters nature’s nature, So their matter is allowing us to pass through them.

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It may be like a science fiction thing but the fact is it is science & i am trying to develop a machine for that.  If you want to know simple things about how quantum phasing is actually happening in this scientific world just proceed ahead a little in this science article.

Quantum Phase Transition on Shape – Phase Switch – Phase Space – Phase to Phase :

Rather than saying with the quantum topology , i wish to say in simple words here. It is actually appears like a chain junction. Quantum Networks field is always facing this phasing issue a little these days.If you want to experience the Phasing Power ( Quantum Phase Transition on Shape ) , One should travel experience travelling through an obstacle which is like in a solid or liquid matter. Then you have to travel fast to have the obstacle’s matters phase. At that time , if you vibrate at the natural frequency of air our body cells / our matters things will be in the state of excitement that should allows you to phase that the obstacle’s molecules thinks it is nothing but me so the obstacle will leave you / pass you through it.

I hope you understand at least a little from this article. Here again i will come back with the full illustrations & examples of Quantum Phase Transition on Shape – Phase Switch . Here i will also come back again with my Quantum Phasing Experiment Results, So Stay tuned with my fb page : AllTechScience . Share this article on your social media like tumblr, facebook, reddit, google+, twitter etc.., if you like.


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