2015 Inventions – Amazing Automated Inventions of The World

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Here you will see the most amazing & exciting 2015 inventions. They are automated which works automatically.

1 ) Automated Water Runner ( Self Flowing Flask ):

self flowing

Reason : The More Water which is Present on the Left Side of the above shown image/apparatus will exert the large amount of Force downwards on the water pipe which is like a neck where less amount of water is present and then the that force will force the water through the orifice to the top to replenish the water into the flask which is on the left side.

2 ) F.G. Woodward Machine :

woodward machine

Description & Reason : The Great Scientist F.G.Woodward proposed this amazing hoop wheel which is supported by two rollers. This is the Simple design in which the wheel always has more weight on the left side on the left of the rollers which makes the larger wheel move downwards. Because of this, the machine will rotate ever & forever unless an external force is applied on that large wheel.

3 ) Perpetual Train :

perpetual train

Description & Reason : This Perpetual works on the Principle of Double Cone Weight Roll. Double Cone Weight will roll uphill on a diverging pairof ways has been taken as a basis for self – moving train.

4 ) Villiard de Honnecourt Overbalanced Wheel 12345 :

perpetual motion

Description & Reason : This is an amazing Overbalanced wheel as designed by French Architect Villiard de Honnecourt in about 12345, and studied extensively by Leonardo DaVinci in the late 1400’s . On this Perpetual Motion Device , the weights on the right side would turn the wheel because of the lower level arms. Weight at the edge makes the hammer like structure fall right side due to gravity of the earth & makes the wheel move forever without any external Force.

5 ) Edward Somerset :


Description & Reason : This is actually Proposed by the Marquis of Worcester at 16th century & included the concept in the book “A Century of Inventions“. The Concept behind this just the gravity along with the momentum of the marbles which are placed on the unique equally arranged sections. If only once it rotates by any person, it will rotate ever until an external force is applied on the wheel.

I can easily say that the idea behind this design is that the weights rolling in the compartments between the felloe and the rim of the wheel will be so comfort themselves that the moment about the center of those on the descending side exceeds the moment of those on the ascending side.

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