Pest Control Tacoma Companies Should Offer

As water areas surround Tacoma on its three sides, it has always been a prime for abundant pest activities due to the Natural greenbelt areas and aged infrastructures. Typically, pests such as rats, ants, subterranean termites, and even stinging insects are rampant, so you need to know what pest control service you need. For starters, here are the must-services for pest control in Tacoma to guide you.


  1. Rodent Removal

Rats and mice can pose severe health threats and risks to you, your family, and even your home furniture. Rodents are carriers of terminal diseases, such as plague, rat-bite fever, salmonella, leptospirosis (Weil’s Disease), etc. They can also cause extreme damage and mishaps to your insulation, vapor barriers, and HVAC systems or any of your crawlspace, like an attic. For instance, gnawed electrical wiring has always been one of the common causes of house fires.


  1. Preventative Control Program

In any pest control activity, there must be an indication of whether the active infestation is due to internal or external factors, or both. Pest outbreaks from the inside is already a severe problem, while outside evidence, like sightings, burrows, and droppings, are preventative if they have not accessed the structure yet. For any of these cases, a satisfactory rodent control program must have these four essential steps: rodent’s food source elimination, eliminating conducive conditions that may be attracting them to the structure, structure access point reduction, and removal of the rodents.


  1. Trees and shrubs

Although success for tree and shrub spraying program is not a cure-all, this program can also be a preventative through establishments of a protective chemical barrier on the plants. Instead, it is complementary to healthy gardening practices, including proper fertilizing, plant selection and location, watering, etc. This method also offers tree/bark injections for trees that are unreachable by the regular spray equipment.

Aside from these services, a company for pest control Tacoma should also provide a more extended working dayand excellent customer service. Never compromise the quality of the service you want over the rates of that service.