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Hi Buddy, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC is the best action role playing adventurous video game which is developed by the famous capcom company. It is well upgraded than Monster Hunter 3. Even Monster Hunter 3 is also awesome but MH4U is far more awesome. This Monster Hunter Game’s Experience made it so popular among the users. It has enormous mind blowing effects. This Game is in trend even now. Just after the release it got lots of appreciations from Game Lovers. There are lots of repertory actions present in it in order to create dynamic hunting experiences. It is available in online and offline modes. Already lot of Game Lovers and many users downloaded and playing on their PC’s.To get this , Read the complete article. Before grabbing it , Look at it’s features below.

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Features of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC ( Monster Hunter 4G ):

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These are the enormous amazing features available on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate :

  • Available in Online Game Play Mode & You can Connect with up-to three hunters in online over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for the first time to join up and take down larger than life beasts.
  • Extra dual weapon classes available – They are Insect Glaive and Charge Blade. Insect Glaive is a long staff type weapon accompanied by a powerful flying insect which can be organised with various attributes whereas the Charge Blade is an hybrid weapon which switch sword and shield or axe mode. This Charge Blade has an ability to collect energy from attacks to charge up and to unleash powerful attacks.
  • 12 previous weapons had updated with modifications to moves or combos than previous.
  • There are more vertical environments to make the action expands with more fluid climbing motions and the addition of jump attacks from walls or ledges.
    monster hunter 4 ultimate pc
  • Virus effect Upgradation done which are making monsters are even more threatening with a new feral effect which makes monster stronger , Powerful and more vicious than in their normal state.
  • New gameplay mechanic – For the first time ever, hop on to monsters and hold on to deliver a burst of attacks.
  • Dynamic terrain changing Facility – Some monsters can cause the battlefield to shift during a fight, making even ground slant at an angle into a steep slope; if hunters are not careful, they could slide right out of the zone into the next area.
  • Returns favorites and fresh challenges.
  • Several new areas available – To explore brand new locales and villages.
  • Epic gear is also available – To get Hundreds of new items and equipment for players to craft, acquire and includes all new rare and powerful G rank weapons and armors.
  • Nintendo 3DS touch screen feature is also available – To Provide ease access to game books , weapons , field maps and mini games and as well as the useful target lock option that auto-focuses on a main enemy.
  • You can exchange your information – To Send/Receive guild cards with fellow hunters via the Nintendo StreetPass™ function.
  • Hunters for hire – To use the local Nintendo 3DS search feature to search for other hunters nearby.

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Oh! At last i finished noting some of it’s gaming features. I think these features are enough to get it. If you visualize it you will definitely appreciate it.

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Download Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC – Windows :

This is the only best game which is have 98 monsters in total : 23 for small & 75 for big monsters. No need of doubting it is the best application. Just have it on your pc and use/play it. Then you will know how amazing it. To feel the amazing experience download the file from below link.

download monster hunter 4

I think you downloaded it . Now install it and then Play for a while . Then you will realize how beautiful this game is. Monster Hunter 5 is also coming for us.

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That’s it Guys , this is all about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate PC .

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