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Howdy Pal! , Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate PC  is the best game which is the later expansion of the Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) which are developed Capcom. Those two works on Nintendo 3DS ,Wii U version which supports 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolution devices. It is an Extra-Ordinary Graphical Game which is mainly designed for windows Platforms. Before having this app on your tech feast , have a look at some of its features below.

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Features of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate PC ( Monster Hunter 3G HD ):

Target Camera feature allows you(hunter) to center the camera near large monsters. This feature is improved enormously in Monster Hunter 4. Two People can join in one single hunting campaign . Multiplayer mode is Present when hunters are going to Port Tanzia. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has dynamic realistic shadows when monsters flying at the top & at other times. Info’s and Menu’s are elaborated in an easy way. All 12 amazing weapon types present in Monster Hunter Pro Version along with Dual Blades , Gunlance , Hunting Horn , Bow , Bowguns. City of Loc Lac which is present in Monster Hunter Tri replaced with Port Tanzia in this game. Provides Skill Points for different skills you performed with the help of G-Level armors. And many more amazing Monsters are awaiting in this game for you with lots of features. There are some bundles below which are developed by Game Company Capcom, see them.

Note : The 3DS demo is NOT compatible with the Circle Pad Pro. Online Player is not available in this Version. It sis upgraded in Monster Hunter 4.

Bundle Packs Released for MH3G & MHHD Version: 

There are four bundles released for both Monster Hunter 3 G and the HD Version(only one for HD) but we have to pay money for that. They are Circle Pad Pro Bundle for Nintendo 3DS at a price of  ¥6,990 , Monster Hunter 3G Special Pack Bundle for a limited edition of Nintendo 3DS with Monster Hunter 3G themed body at a price of  ¥20,800 ( only for Japan Nintendo 3DS,DS), Beginner Hunter Pack at a price of ¥19,800 and Wii U Deluxe MH 3G HDver along with Wii U Pro Controller at a price of ¥38,850 (495.726 USD).

Monsters in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate :

Lucent Nargacuga , Abyssal Lagiacrus , Brachydios , Lagiacrus , Zinogre , Duramboros , Ceadeus , Jhen Mohran , Dire Miralis , Silver Rathalos , Gold Rathian , Hallowed Jhen Mohran , Gigginox , Qurupeco , Uragaan , Azure Rathalos , Silver Rathalos , Pink Rathian , Gold Rathian , Plesioth , Green Plesioth .

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Download Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Windows PC :

Here i am specifying how to download Monster Hunter 3 Ultimater for Windows PC . With my Experience i am saying that it is the best game with extra-ordinary graphical experience. You will face amazing monster experience. I think you will definitely like it. Click on the Dowload link below which i provided below.

download monster hunter 3 ultimate

Install the downloaded file and enjoy the experience of Monster Hunter 3 on your PC .

That’s it Guys , this is all about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Windows PC .

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