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Borderlands 3 Features

Since the game released back in 2012, Borderlands 2 has created havoc sensation sensation among the gamers, especially those who love to play role-playing first-person shooter game. Now the whole gaming fraternity is eagerly waiting for the next instalment of this much –hyped game, Borderlands3, to come out. Though Gear Box has not announced about the exact release date of the Borderlands 3, rumours are the game will make its debut in the late half of 2018. We in this article have discussed about some probable features of Borderlands 3 and we strongly believe that most of the features will be present in the game at the time Borderlands 3 will release.

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Borderlands 3 Game Features & Specifications:

– Characters ==>

Handsome jack has been the star character of the Borderlands 2 as well as the fan favourite too. But the antagonist dies at the end of the second iteration. So now Borderlands 3 demands a new antagonist and that’s too as fascinating as Handsome Jack. So we can totally hope for a new leading character in the Borderlands 3.

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Moreover, some of the playable characters of the Borderlands 1, such as Lilith, Brick and Mordecai make an appearance in the Borderlands 2, although as non-playing characters. So we can expect that Gear Box will follow the pattern this time too and Vault Hunters like Maya and Salvador will again come back in the upcoming version as non-playing characters. Some new characters, such as Kreig and Gaige may also be added to the roster when the DLC pack will be released later.

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Weapons in Border Lands 3 Game :

borderlands 3

A New Game – Borderlands 3 Features

As Borderlands is an action-based role-playing game, the weapons play a major parts behind this much success of the game. Borderlands 2 comes with an arsenal of lethal weapons such as Jakobs, Maliwan, Hyeprion and Torgue. And these snipers, shotguns and machine guns are surely to get upgraded in the coming version. We are expecting some new weapons to be added in the Borderlands 3 to make the game the more interesting and fun to play.

Moreover, Borderlands 3 may allow the players to customize their weapons. Any of the previous versions do not hold this privilege. Another aspect we have to mention is the weapon markets. Borderlands 2 features various weapons markets and each with an unique name. We are keeping our fingers crossed for some new additions in the forthcoming installment.

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Vehicles in Borderlands 3 Game :

Vehicles are another aspect which makes the game interesting since its inception. Scooter’s buggies featured in the Borderlands 2, are a massive hit among the players. But apart from that, the vehicles look like a feature just to showcase. So this time, the developers are thinking to give the vehicles some more purposes, not only to move from one place to another quickly. Rumours are Gear Box is going to introduce some new vehicles which would used to play time-trials and to hunt down the Band Wagons.

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Borderlands 4 Game Features and Specifications:

It is coming soon after some upgrades of Border lands 3 Game. Really it is a nice game for your android, Iphone and blackberry devices.

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