[[ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ]] Review , Rumoured features, to be launched soon – Don’t Miss Latest Samsung Mobile :

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rumoured features, to be launched soon :

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 : We all have seen massive improvements in smartphones over the time but the way Samsung has accelerated the process of making the smartphones better is an inspiration for all. Samsung is the only company in the world that has two flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S series and Samsung Galaxy Note Series. Samsung shocked everyone in the year, 2011 when it launched its big screened smartphone, the Note 1st generation. The critics said that Samsung has gone mad with its concepts and everyone criticised the move in the start but who knew, it would become the backbone of every smartphone in the future as even after 5 years of launch, it still doesn’t have any competition.

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So this is the perfect time for us to talk about Samsung’s next big thing which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is set to announce this device anytime soon and will be launching it in the second quarter of this financial year. So let’s have a look at key features of the Galaxy Note 7.

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samsung galaxy note 7

1. Processor and RAM of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 :

Samsung devices have always been about the power and Note 7 can be considered as the best example of that as the Note series has always been about top notch performance and that is why Samsung is going to power the Note 7 using a Snapdragon 823 processor which is even faster than the Snapdragon 820 processor which is fitted in many flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC M10, OnePlus 3 and many more. The processor will be coupled with a 6 GB RAM as it will allow the users to keep more than 12 hours in its memory. This way, you will not have to worry about your favorite game starting again from the start because of poor memory management system.

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2. Screen and Camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 :

The Galaxy Note 7 will be bigger than its predecessor as it will sport a 5.8 inch AMOLED display with 4 K resolution. This will be the first ever 4K display to be ever fitted in a flagship device. You will get Gorilla Glass 4 protection to protect your screen from scratches and occasional drops. Samsung has decided to go small when it comes to camera as the Note 7 will be sporting a 12 MP camera but you don’t have to worry as this camera will be shooting 4K video at 60 fps.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery and Security :

To make sure that all this performance isn’t affected, Samsung is planning to include a 4000 mah battery which can be charged from 0 to 50 in just 30 minutes. One of the major improvements is made in security of the device as Samsung has not only included a fingerprint scanner but also an iRiS scanner which will allow you to unlock your device by scanning your retina.

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Stayed Tuned Here to Know more about Samsung Galaxy Mobiles , Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review , Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review and so on. Really this upcoming Samsung Piece is awesome. Without Any Release of it , i can confidently say that this will be the best product than all the previous products Samsung. So Get it & Rock with the new tech buddy.

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