Most Reliable Laptop s For College Students 2016 & 2017 – Best Computer For College

Best Computer for College – Most Reliable Laptops For College Students 2016 & 2017 :

The change in time has seen serious advancements in computer technologies. No one wants to buy a laptop that will require repairs so often. You need to do some serious background checks when you need to get the most reliable laptops in the market, 2016. To buy a reliable laptop means shopping for the best deal in the market.

Some of the common issues one should always consider when looking for the best laptops in the market include high performance, unique and lovely design, long battery life, user-friendly, and faster storage. A reliable laptop is defined by the features and not the brand. The simple aspects that need to be considered before purchasing such a machine could mean a lot for your deal.

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Most Reliable Laptops For College Students 2016 & 2017 – Best Computer for College :

best computer for college

Best Computer for College – Most Reliable College Laptops 2016 & 2017

Our review is an extensive guide to the various brands and models in the market. It shows their features and why they deserve to be among the best laptops regarding reliability. We advise everyone to consider a few tips:

The type of laptop :

It is advisable that you take time to understand the various models available in the market. If you are not careful, you might miss out on the best laptop. From study, smaller models are known to be compact and more difficult to understand. Those having netbooks are likely to take them for repairs. Either the devices are complex to fix by yourself or that they are prone to malfunction. Our advice is that you consider larger models for reliability.

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Best PC Laptops Features and Specifications :

We can hardly talk of the most reliable laptops in the market without discussing the issue of their features. A reliable machine is one that has common features like the keyboard, touchpad, storage disk, RAM, graphics card, processor, quality screen display, and proper casing among other features.

The specifications to each of the above features could vary from one laptop to another. The most reliable laptops come with effective specifications. A good laptop for gaming or student use should be able to do multiple tasks without having to compromise on any of the tasks.

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Other importance aspects to be considered when buying a reliable laptop in the flooded market include :

Design and portability – you need portability in your new laptop. A reliable device should be useful from wherever you are. This is where portability comes in handy. The design of a laptop will immensely influence its portability. Large and stacked machines are usually heavy and less portable. It is advisable that you go for the less than 15-inch laptops. These are usually light to carry and thus mobile. Dependability lowers with an increase in size. Get a sleek and smaller model for your best experience. Such a versatile and compact design will be a good deal for portability.

Performance, storage, and display – an ideal laptop is a machine that is light to carry, one with a highly dependable processor and works for reliable speeds. A reliable laptop should have high definition display. You cannot have a laptop with the poor viewing experience. Storage should be enough and fast for use. It is advisable to get a laptop with preloaded Google Drive capabilities.

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The most reliable laptop s for students in 2016 & 2017 – Best Laptop for Engineering Students :

best computer for college

Best Computer for College – Most Reliable College Laptops 2016 & 2017

Technology has been on the rise lately and the kinds of devices we have today are super fast. Reliability is a term that defines a well-perked laptop. Some of the most reliable laptops in the market are highlighted below:

Apple MacBook Air MD760LL/B – New Macbook Pro :

Apple has never disappointed in their devices. Their new MacBook Air MD760LL/B laptop is one of the most reliable laptops in the market today. It is small in size. The 13” screen display makes the highly portable device very reliable. Its lightweight feature makes it easy to carry wherever you go. Its 12-hours battery life makes it one of the most reliable field laptops in the market. You cannot talk of reliability without bringing in the battery life. This Apple device gives you enough time to look for your emails, word processing and watch a few videos without looking for power.

The ultrafast 802.11 ac WiFi connection will give you 3x better wireless connection. This laptop comes with a flash storage memory for immediate boot up. It launches the applications and display at a fast speed. Its Intel Core i5 processor from the 4th generation of the processor family will give you exactly what a modern laptop should offer you. It is made to save on power while delivering at full speed. The CPU has a turbo booster technology to make the 1.4GHz processor clock up to 2.7GHz. This is exactly what you need for your workload.

Thanks to the HD graphics 500 processing unit, the Apple device can give you up to 40% better graphics experience, especially when playing games. It has USB 3.0 to allow up to 10GB/Second transfer speed. Data movement in this laptop is 2o times faster than in ordinary devices. The operating system comes with a collection of apps together with modern technologies. These work to ensure the laptop works in an incredible way. Performance and battery life are always top-notch.

Samsung Chromebook 2 – pclaptops :

The Samsung Chromebook 2 laptop is designed for reliability. It is lightweight with a sleek and slim design. When closed, it measures 0.66 inches thick. The total weight is less than 3 pounds. This is a truly portable device. Its textured leather-like cover makes it very classy. The stitches along the edges are known for their comfort when carrying the device around. The metal frame makes the machine very safe for use and durable.

There are no large capacity drives in this machine. This makes it very thin and light. Thanks to the Google Drive technology, you can store all your photos, documents and other items in the Google cloud-based storage. The files are accessible from wherever you are so long as you are on internet connection. It has a fast SSD (solid-state drive) from which you can store items and access them while offline.

Acer C720 Chromebook :

This model is designed for simplicity. It comes with high speeds and security beyond the current market measures. It is small in size. Its total weight is barely above 2 pounds thus making it very easy to carry around. It is portable, and its thin design makes it very reliable for use in the field. It is 30% thinner than its predecessor models. Believe you me; I found this slim laptop to be very reliable. You can just use a purse or bag to comfortably carry it around.  It has an 11.6 inch HD and anti-glare screen. The display has an LED-backlight making it easy to use at night.

The screen is built for outdoor use, even in the sunlight. Connecting with friends, family and team are easy thanks to the video chart capacity of the HD camera. It delivers crisp resolution, unlike most laptops. Its browsing speed is fast and provides D video playback options. You can multitask thanks to its immense processing capacity and RAM. Opening multiple pages at a go is possible with this laptop.

If you are looking for the most reliable laptops 2016 for students, we have the details and detailed market review. You do not have to take a gamble on any laptop in the market. We will give you the information you need so as to make the right choices! Click here for great laptops reviews

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