Google Android Play Store Not Working : Here is the Solution (Easy Steps)

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Is your PlayStore Android Apps Crashing Suddenly? If Yes, You are at the best place to Solve this issue(Play Store Not Working). Many People are facing this problem & searching a lot to solve this issue. So Here i am serving you the best and easy ways to solve Play Store Not Working Problem.

Google Play Store Not Working Problem : Easy Ways

(Best Tips & Tricks For Google Play Store Problem):

google play store not workingHere in this article i am mentioning simple solutions to solve this PlayStore issue. Just Proceed a head in this article.

1. Activate Download Manager First :

 If your Apps are Crashing or If your know that Your Play Store Not Working Perfectly then the first thing you have to do is “You have to activate the Download Manager which is actually deactivated”. To Activate Download Manager Go to Settings Menu then go to Apps Manager Section and then go to All Tabs Section & then Search For Download Manager & hit activate button. If the Option is already in activate position then leave it & the next step to Solve Play Store Error.

Path to Activate Download Manager : Settings > APPS > ALL > Download Manager

2. Clear Cache , Delete Data , Uninstall Play Store Updates ,

Most of us know Cache is the temporary storage for Loading or Loaded Data which is used to load the data fastly and easily on your device. To Clear Cache , Go to Settings Menu then go to Apps Manager Section then go to All Apps Section & then Search for Google PlayStore . After this , Clear Cache by hitting Clear Cache Option & then delete PlayStore App Data by hitting Clear Data Option & then hit Uninstall Updates Option in order to avoid Play Store Problem.

Path to Activate Clear Cache,Delete Data & Uninstall PlayStore Updates : Settings > APPS > ALL > Google Play Store

3. Remove Google Account and Sign in :

 Even though if your PlayStore is not working Properly after the above steps then go to Settings Section then go to Accounts list and then Click on the Google Accounts. Then Click on the top right corner of the screen there you will see some options. From those , Select Remove Account Option . Then reboot your Smart Phone. Then Add your Google Account in the same section to Work Play Store normally.

Path to Activate Download Manager : Settings > Accounts List > Google

4. Factory Reset Data of your Smart Phone :

 If your Google Play Store won’t work even after the above steps, use this method . This is the final , easy & the fast way to make PlayStore Work. But it will reset your Smart Phone. To do this task , Go to Settings Section then go to Backup & Reset Option then select Factory Data Reset on your Smart Phone at the bottom of the options. I think now your smart phone will reset automatically. You Play Store will work definitely perfect after this method but don’t use method with out using the above methods. But for rooted you can use the method which is mentioned below.

Path to Activate Download Manager : Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Reset Data

Solution of Google Play Store Not Working For Rooted Users :

If your device is a rooted device then first proceed with this easy method. In this method, Go to your Preferred File Manager & then Go to Root Directory and then Locate system/etc/hosts & then click on the Open Option and # Tag (Hash Tag) to the front of the second set of numbers & then Save Changes. I mean Change to # and then restart the device(mobile/tablet or any other) and perform Step 3 to Solve Play Store Problem .

Path to Activate Download Manager : Root Directory > Local System/etc/hosts > Add # at front of IP

I think now you solved Google Play Store Not Working Problem.

That’s it buddy..This is all about the Solution of Google Play Store Not Working Problem.

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