New Kindle Paperwhite 2015 Review – Best Amazon Kindle Ever

Hello Buddy, Here i am Presenting your the most amazing Amazon’s New Kindle Paperwhite 2015‘s Reamazon kindleview. Coming to the Review, Amazon New Kindle Paperwhite 2015 has Sharper Display, More RAM, New Font & an Extra-Ordinary Layout. These are some of the top features included in this new amazon kindle.  It is improved or upgraded with high resolution 300ppi display with new colorful typography along with the extra-ordinary layout features with more RAM than Previous ever with the same price like before. To have its Preview (Review), move your cursor down & have its details review.

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Amazon New Kindle Review :

New Kindle Paperwhite’s Display :

amazon new kindle display

The Amazon New Kindle Paperwhite 2015 has 6-inch 300ppi display with a technology of Carta e-paper. The display is glare free & making it easy to read outdoors under sun light Conditons. It’s display offers 16-level grey scale level Contrast. The high pixel density present in it makes text look crispy & sharp which makes the appearance look like a real paper book. No need to doubt it, It is far more better than the Previous Paperwhite Generations. When Comparing with the Android tablets, Kindle’s Paperwhite display is a front-lit with an improved front light. The lighting in it is uniform across the display. The Touch Grid on this New Kindle Paperwhite is 19% tighter and users found that the touch panel is very responsive but the user interface remains quite limited compared to tablets.

Coming to the summary of the display, the New Kindle Paperwhite’s display is really impressive with display resolution in the whole Kindle’s Voyage.

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New Kindle Paperwhite’s Software & User Interface :

This Amazon’s New Kindle Paperwhite mostly runs with the software which is present in the last released kindle along with some upgradations of some applicatons. Among the new upgrades, the most important one is the Bookerly addition for ultimate view on digital screens. It also offers new type setting engine which has hyphenation, improved spacing, better character spacing and layout control with different font sizes to reduce the eyestrain. It has millions of free e-books.

amazon new kindle software

The Home Screen on it offers you to read books from recently red books list & you can also arrange them by using recency, title, author & collection types. Feature bar is present on the book cover to show you how much you red. You can download / Purchase books easily just by tapping. It also shows you some books title to buy based on our interests. The top menu bar on it has Home button, a back button, a toggle for the front-light intensity, a search button, a button to invoke Goodreads to acces online network of book lovers which is a shortcut key to the Kindle store and a drop-down menu that offers you shortcuts for Kindle FreeTime , Vocabulary Builder , web browser and Settings. The menu on it also allows you to create a new collection which switch a list view of yours library. Just by tapping you can open the book , it will guide you to the last page you red automatically without your action.

amazon new kindle

Tapping or Sliding on the right side edge of the kindle will lead you to slide the page on the book. Tapping on the top, You will be guided to the secondary menu which lets you change the fonts, font size, line spacing, line margins for Go to a particular page, chapter or annotation, use the X-Ray feature, bookmark or share an annotation on social networks. Bottom left corner on it will show you the page number, time you spent on that book, % of the book you red. It has OXFORD Dictionaries included along with a Vocabulary Builder along with word saving tool to look the words which you already looked. Students and language enthusiasts on it will find this feature so useful.

If you hold on to a word, kindle will offer you a dictionary, X-Ray, Translation (to look biography),Wikipedia(needs internet connectivity) tabs for more info. But UI feature on this is slightly tweaked which is based on a dropdown menu. On this, You can also highlight, add a note, share, translate and report an error event through the menu options. This New Kindle also provides FreeTime which allows parents to create profiles for their sons or daughters to encourage reading with gamification. FreeTime on it will let parents create awesome personalized profiles for their kids & they can arrange books collection. Children will be rewarded with achievement badges by keeping track of their personal readings. This utility option will create a progress report which keeps parents to update time spent on reading. It offers you to access Goodreads social network where book lovers share their views. It even offers integration with Facebook and Twitter for sharing quotes and annotations. This New Kindle offers you an experimental WebKit based browser to make you to browse the web over WiFi. It is 3G-enabled version.

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New Kindle’s Battery life & storage :

new kindle

This New Kindle has a single charge which will lasts up to 6 weeks. If you use your kindle half an hour a day without connecting to the internet, charging will lasts upto 1 or 2 weeks. It is included with 4GB internal storage. In this You can store thousands of books. To Amazon’s Cloud is also allowed from it.

Price You have to Offer :

For 10,999 Rs – Wi-Fi version and For 13,999 Rs – 3G+Wi-Fi variant. For Kindle Voyage with adaptive lighting, page press sensors- 16,499 Rs.

New Kindle ‘s Conclusion :

The sharper display of it offers awesome reading experience when compared with previous products. It added with high RAM along with stylish Font & Extra-Ordinary layout.

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