Loss of a Loved One : How to know your loved person is near by after deceased

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If you lossed a loved person recently, he may be with you beside you but you don’t even recognise. Don’t Panic about Loss of a Loved one . Those are not ghosts. Those are just spirits ( loving spirits after death communication signs ) who want to be with you even after their pass. They are still loving which is beyond time. They may gone physically but coming to the practical their energy is with us. It’s a harsh thing in lives but you can still know that is your loving deceased partner is nearby. Here i am going to provide some important signs to find after the death of a loved one to know about the loved person after death. To check the signs from our loved ones go a head in this article.

Five Important Signs of Death of a Loved One :

They are smell, weird dreams, missing of items, unusual thoughts & the signs at the funeral. To know more about those proceed reading.

1 . You Will Get Different Smell [ You can Smell ] :

If any spirit of a loved one is near by, It will manifest in several ways. One of the common way is the scent. It is one of way that some spirits a near and trying to communicate and they had a strongest with you. Really those spirits are liking you i mean the energy which is passed from your loved one’s body. It may be the tobacco or the perfume smell , or sometimes even like the odour of your favorite food which is being prepared. Keep it in mind. It’s a message sent to you directly from your deceased loved partner/other.

2 . Missing of Items [ Lost and Found ]:

This other common way that a loved spirit interact with us is it will play with you to show it is beside. It can’t even touch all items but only the items which you played with him/her, and some things which you use commonly like your car keys, your memorable photo etc.., Those loved ones are gone theirs energy is still with you to play with you , to make a joke on you & to screw you for fun. Just Smile Once , your loved person is beside you wanting to touch you & play with and even trying. So funny right. So laugh about it.

3 . Different Type of Dreams with Love [ Love Dream ]:

death of a loved one


One more common way is to know that whether the deceased loved one trying communicating is that they will come into your dreams in order to communicate with you. Our subconscious mind is really an ultimate one which can open to the mysterious spirit world. It often allows your loved spirits to come into your thoughts i mean your dreams. Dreams which are  involving spirits tends to be more realistic and you can’t even this that the things which is happening us not dreamlike things. So Please Pay close attention to what you are seeing on those dreams. Because they might want to say some thing or to show you some thing. It may be a message beyond the time, space and the grave.

4 . Unusual Thoughts will arise [ Thought Disorder ]:

You may even experience some unusual thoughts that you don’t even feel that those are yours. Those are approximately like your internal monologues which has been co-opted. It may be a sign that your deceased/passed loved ones are still present with you. If you feel like this, I mean that you are having a foreign thoughts which is taking some time to think about it. It will be like your inner monologue is talking with you but it isn’t yours.

5 . Signs at the grave sites /Funeral :

Coming to the James Van Praagh ( A scientist a well renowned psychic ) said that our spirits attends our own funerals after the death/pass out from our bodies. They roam at the most connected places may be at a room which he likes most, tries to comfort his/her loved ones and gives them some signs that don’t worry , everything is okay etc.., because your loving persons don’t want you to cry due to the absorption of grief. Commonly these signs are unseen by most of the people. When you attend any funeral, just remember these five signs to know about the lossing of loved one.

This is all about Loss of a Loved One & ways to know whether your death of a loved one is beside you or not.

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