LGG6 to have a non-removable battery and a 3.5mm headphone jack

LGG6 to have a non-removable battery and a 3.5mm headphone jack

The next LG flagship, the LG G6, is gradually becoming a rumour-mill fodder stock with each passing day. This comes in the wake of the G5, which was unable to garner much attention in India and almost certainly was a mishap for the South Korean giant. The G6 comes laden with expectations, naturally. We are hearing now that the LG G6 is willing to be a gamble as LG is almost certain to ditch the non-removable battery and will retain the headphone jack. The headphone jack, we must add here, was being rumoured to have been removed from the phone, but the latest reports indicate otherwise.

To sum up what we know till date, the G6 will have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, a non-removable battery and a metal-glass body design. Until a few hours ago, it was rumoured that LG had given the go-ahead to an all glass body. This seems unlikely, as highly reflective metallic material on the rear is expected. This was confirmed by David Ruddock, a journalist who specializes in LG products, especially the smartphone segment. If Ruddock’s data checks out, LG could be heading the Samsung School of hardware-making, which involves mixing metal and glass for its Smartphone’s’ exterior. We can also confirm, from what we know at the moment, that the LG V20 is said to retain the 3.5mm audio and not follow Apple, which has gone all the way and Samsung, which is expected to launch a jack-less Samsung Galaxy.

On to more substantial news now. From what we know, and we have covered similar reports, the waterproofing material that will ensure a waterproof LG G6 will not only cover the external display unit, but also be extended to the USB connector and the headphone jack’s location, which remains unconfirmed.  The camera’s cover will also be rendered waterproof. We expect the LG G6 to come loaded with wireless charging capabilities a la the iPhone 8 and the upcoming Samsung flagship. Like we reported earlier, a signature LG payments system will come pre-loaded, making this one of LG’s first forays into the smartphone-led e-commerce market. An ‘LG Innotek’ official was quoted by Korea’s Digital Bakjeongil Times as confirming that a front iris-scanning mechanism, for extra safety, will be seen. However, LG’s iris scanning mechanism will be unlike the Galaxy Note 7’s, with two front cameras fused into a single camera, with one being a selfie snapper and another dedicated iris scanner.

Meanwhile, the latest reports indicate that the G6 will come with a flat-screen QHD display and not a curved one, as reported earlier.  The LG G6 will get rid of the modular design forecast. Similar to what Samsung does, the LG G6 will incorporate OLED panels, having had prior experience using similar OLED display on the LG TV. Current users will find similar OLED displays on the Apple Watch Series 2, notably the MP0D2B/A smart watch. We expect the LG G6 to debut in April 2016.

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