How To Fix WannaCrypt Ransomware Backdoor on Windows 7, XP

How To Fix WannaCrypt Ransomware Backdoor on Windows 7, XP 8,8.1 & 10 : On May 12 2017 – Friday, almost 74 countries attacked by a virus. It is only virus which attacked many countries so fast and made many governments tensed. This virus Crypt name is ” WannaCrypt Ransomware Virus “. Due to Ransomeware attack, many hospitals in UK, universities, FedEx business and many more are affected. Ransomware attacked 120000 computers within just past 24 hours. check whatsapp unblocker tool.



Rasomware Attacks Demo 🙁

Ransomware is the worst ware ever – It crossed 45000 computers just within few hours just after attack. A Top Antivirus called Kaspersky Lab mates said including USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Turkey and many countries are fastly affecting. Affecting number is still growing. Top Tech companies already on the way to prevent Ransomware. They are facing some Decryption issues due to the no login in SQL Injection availability. Have Top Vpn for Online Security. Also check : Free Proxy sites list.

Wanna Cry is the dubbed version of Ransomware. It is actually taking the advantage of Windows Vulnerability of Microsoft called MSFT,Tech 30. Just after the vulnerability detection Microsoft team actually released a patch file on March Starting but not many installed. No one can’t read all tech news in the world right. Don’t Miss : Real Facebook Tricks of 2017 & upcoming 2018.

fix wannacrypt

how to fix wannacrypt ransomware virus

Actually Wanna Crypt is a Ransomeware Malware Code released on last week of February. After elimination of it, a new updated Wanna Crypt released on March 14 mostly. It is all done due to their Criminal Smartness & by the detection of Newly released windows patch file. Lack of Microsoft Windows Patch files makes our computers target by the malicious hacking software now.

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WannaCrypt Organisers makes your computers useless until you pay to them some money around 300$. This amount you also should pay in bitcoin form. Bitcoin is untraceable Crypto currency. So this may be the reason behind the transactions in bitcoins. Download Emulator for PC App Player.

Infected user’s computers will show a screen of Ransomware with countdown of 3 days. After  3 days price will be doubled. Like this after a week all your files in your system will be deleted forever. You can even retrieve them. Even though if you retrieve files you may not get whole files from corruption. 

ransomware virus

ransomware virus

How To Fix WannaCrypt Ransomware Backdoor on Windows 7, XP 8,8.1 & 10

Cyber security professionals from Avast company said that ransomware attacked 99 countries. Attacks numbers exceeded to 75000 on different big organisations. It is listed as one of the top cyberattacks in the Internet History. Imap Settings for Gmail will be used to secure files from junk mails.

#1 . Reveal Hidden Files & Folders – Show Secretly hidden Files

  • To do this, Hit CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and then proceed to ‘Processes Tab’.

    remove ransomware

    remove ransomware

  • Have a Careful look on the Programs which are processing & Determine which is malicious.
  • Right Click on Each File & choose Open File Location. Scan the Files in Folder/File Location.
  • After Opening File Location, Simply End the Process in the processes tab and then delete File in the Opened File Location .
  • If you feel bad about any folder simply delete it. Some times scanners also don’t flag some virus. No Single Anti Virus Can Detect all Virus Programs. So Be ware.

Note : It takes hours to remove WannaCrypt  by yourself. On the way Wanna Crypt do it’s work to bang your PC. If you want a safety elixir to save your PC, i recommend Spy Hunter.

#2. Remove Suspicious IPs – Delete Suspicious IPS :

  • Press WindowsButton + R Key then a run dialogue box will be opened. Copy notepad%windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts and then click on OK.
  • If your PC hacked, you will see a new file opened with different IPS which connects to your system.
  • In windows search Type msconfig and enter. A windows folder like thing will pop up.
  • Now Go to Startup ==> Uncheck Entries that has Unknown as a Manufacturer/Owner.

    fix ransomware

    fix ransomware

Note : According to the news, Ransomeware also include Fake Manufacture Details also when it is in banging process. Always make sure every possibility to throw it out of your PC or Mobile just like Bahubali thrown Kaalakeya 🙂 🙂 🙂

#3. Safe Mode Booting – Boot Your PC into Safe Mode

Windows Safe mode will only allows fully trusted Microsoft publications only without any extra software programs running. So boot your PC in safe mode. It will be helpful to recognise Ransomware WannaCrypt files fast using the above mentioned methods and using safe mode booting.

antivirus for ransomware

antivirus for ransomware

OK any way you already hit by Wannacrypt – so what now !!!! Don’t think much. I presented some recovering Wannacrypt files from deletion below. Check once. Musically

How to Recover Wannacrypt Files – Clean the Damage

Malware Recovering really needs some steps. Just follow the listed steps to recover files or at least them. These days information is wealth than the intelligence. Intelligence needs knowledge to became so knowledgeable person. So save your data – save your future.

  • Just Type Windows Button + R Key then type Regedit and then Kick the Enter with your fast movie cursor point
  • Then use CTRL + F buttons and type the virus name which you want to search
  • Search Ransomware for now in all the registry files and delete all the entries of them.
  • Always be careful – On the way of saving your PC you may cause some more troubles to your Computer if you delete your windows os files accidentally
  • Type the below entries in Windows search fields using Windows button + R Key .






  • Now simply delete everything in TEMP Folder. The resetting files actually check out about anything which is recently added.

Note : You can recover WannaCrypt by having Data Recovery Pro Software. It is not fully guaranteed but mostly it will do.

How to Get Unattacked by Ransomware Malware – Prevent Ransomeware

Get your knowledge shield to prevent latest malware attack. Because Prevention is better than Cure. Check out Ransomeware steps before fixing WannaCrypt Attacks.

  • Always make sure that you are browsing a good website on the internet library. If you feel website is suspicious check out contact pages and everything. Up to that time never download anything from the website.
  • Avoid clicking on unknown ads. Click on only trusted ads like google, bing, baidu, duckduckgo etc..
  • Always avoid opening unknown email files especially Junk file emails. Junk mails are the resources for Ransomware distribution. Once it attacks it will also pass to your connected networks to crash your networks.
  • Install Antivirus Software – If you did already then update it
  • No antivirus will detect all types of virus. Mostly all antivirus companies are trying to put an end to Ransomware. So no need to worry about this, always update antivirus to keep your PC healthy.
  • Last but not least : Please backup all your important info in a private HDD. It will be more helpful if you even got attacked by Ransomware Virus.

I think my users don’t get caught by Ransomware Killing Virus. This is all about : How To Fix WannaCrypt Ransomware Backdoor on Windows 7, XP 8,8.1 & 10 . Share me with you in FB,Tweet,PlusCommunities etc – Comment if you have any virus query. We will find a solution to Virus.

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