Imap Settings For Gmail , POP/SMTP/POP3 Server Settings – Easy Guide

Hi Buddy, Here i am giving Imap Settings For Gmail in an easy way along with the POP/SMTP & POP3 Server Settings. Here i am giving info about Imap Email Server Settings ( Imap Gmail ) to setup Gmail for Outlook , Android , Iphone ,Ipad , Ipod touch , Apple Mail , Thunderbird & many other mail services. This Gmail Imap Settings which i am providing will definitely help if you are facing a problem with the settings of Gmail Imap Server Settings. Here you will also get Gmail SMTP Settings ( Gmail SMTP Server Settings ) , Gmail Pop3 Settings , Gmail POP Server Settings etc.., This settings works for all gmail version & the imap configuration works for all outlook , thunderbird , apple mail services. It even works for office 2005, Office 2007 , Office 2010 etc.., and many more.

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What is IMAP Email Server – Imap Gmail :

Imap Port SSL Server / Email Server can easily be defined as a server which downloads mails from gmail by using a mail service program and then you can view those automatically downloaded gmail messages using MicroSoft Outlook , Apple Mail & Thunder Bird etc.., even if you are offline. This Whole Process is called IMAP or POP & It is free for all gmail users. So what are you waiting just know about it atleast a little.

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How to Setup Gmail for Outlook , Apple Mail & Other Services:

Using IMAP to retreive your gmail messages with the help of MicroSoft Outlook , Apple Mail , Thunder Bird etc.., is really the best way to make sure all your mails/messages at any time on all your devices. Imap Settings Varies a little for various device so just follow my guide.

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Gmail Outgoing Mail Server Settings – Gmail Imap Server Settings :

To complete the whole process of IMAP Gmail Server Settings , First you need to Enable IMAP on your Gmail Settings. To Enable Imap email server settings ,

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How to Enable Imap Settings For Gmail , POP/SMTP/POP3 Server Settings :

To Enable Imap Gmail Service Settings / enable imap in gmail , You need change some default settings of the gmail to change smtp settings for gmail & imap settings for gmail accessibility to various platforms, softwares like outlook , thunderbird etc.., So follow the listed gmail server settings which is listed in the below image.

imap settings for gmail

imap settings for gmail

Now You got How to Enable Imap Settings only in gmail. Now you also need settings ( Android Mail Settings , IOS gmail settings , Outlook Mail Server Settings , Thunder bird and many more etc.., )for your device platform to have access for gmails/messages/other on your device even if you are offline.

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After Finishing IMAP Settings in GMAIL , You need to configure your client in order to access all your images even when your offline. Basically clients are from different platforms (Android , IOS , Outlook , Thunderbird etc..,) . To configure/ know those settings proceed further.

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How to Access Gmail Offline – Configure Client for GMAIL access on Android, IOS, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.., :

In Order to configure Email App on your Android device (Android Lollipop , Marshmallow or  Other) , follow the gmail server settings below.

Incoming Mail Server Iphone Settings – Iphone Email Settings :

1. Enable IMAP using the settings which i listed above.

2. Open Settings and then tap Mail, Contacts & Calendar.

3. Then Tap the Add Account Option & then tap the gmail option

4. Now enter your account info with your full gmail address by even including “”

5. Now Click on Next Button & then Hit Save Option.

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Gmail Settings For Outlook to access gmail offline ( Outlook Setup , Outlook Settings , Outlook Support , Outlook Configuration ):

Gmail Settings For Apple Mail to access gmail offline – Create Apple Mail – Apple Email Support :

Thunderbird Imap Settings For Gmail – Thunderbird Exchange – Thunderbird Gmail – Configure Gmail Imap :

1. Open Thunderbird & then enter account information of yours and then Click on Continue

Display Name / Full Name :[Your Name]

Email Address : [ [email protected] or [email protected] for Google App Viewers ]

Password : Gmail Password or Google Apps Password if proceed with the 2-step verification method.

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Gmail Imap Server Settings – Gmail Email Server Settings – Mail Settings – Gmail Imap Settings – Imap Email Settings :

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In all the above imap setting processess / Configuration process, if Username and the password not working? then Some apps might require you to turn on the access for the less secure apps before setting up the POP/IMAP connections.

Gmail SMTP Settings – Gmail SMTP Server Settings

Gmail POP3 Settings

That’s it Buddy.. This is all about an Easy Guide to Imap Settings For Gmail , POP/SMTP/POP3 Server Settings.

If you have any query about tech problem/solution, Please don’t hesitate to ask. Just type on comment box below . If you like this article / If you feel this article will be useful then share it on social media and let it help others too.


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