Samsung Galaxy S8: All-screen, bezel-less future ahead

Samsung Galaxy S8: All-screen, bezel-less future ahead


We feel it is safe to confirm now that Samsung is going the bezel-less and have an all-screen display. The Samsung Galaxy 8 is going to launch at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Fair, or the CES, to be held at Las Vegas in March 2017. Also confirmed is the inglorious exit of the physical home button. If we compare the phone to a plot of land, the entire prime real estate will be covered by the screen.

The home button will be physically removed, and an embedded display button will take its place. Whether or not it will have a feeling similar to the iPhone 8’s taptic engine remains to be seen, however. The new phones will come with wraparound displays using OLED tech. It is interesting to point out here that after the fiasco over Galaxy 7, the Galaxy 8 need to be a success. Reports say after the incidents of bursting batteries and exploding phones, an estimated $ 6 billion dollars is said to be the giant’s cumulative losses. Apple, meanwhile, have adopted the same OLED, or Organic Light Emitting Diode technology on its upcoming iPhone 8, thereby putting more pressure on Samsung to either follow suit, or come up with a viable alternative.

We have also heard rumours that Samsung will adopt a more stringent testing system for the Galaxy 8, especially after the fracas this year. This might push back the launch dates too, experts suggest. Greg Roh, an analyst at HMC Investment Securities Co. stated that despite technological breakthroughs, the users will ultimately examine how safe a phone is before purchase. Thus, Samsung will be making attempts at placating potential customers by making a safe phone, to say the least. Besides, Samsung’s rivalry with Apple is legendary, with Samsung being forced to say goodbye to the physical home button after it was rumoured Apple was doing so. This rivalry has also led to Samsung developing its own intelligent virtual assistant, Viv. Viv was developed by the same people who initially developed Apple’s Siri. In October, Samsung stated that significantly differentiated” virtual assistants of AI-based were the future of the flagship smartphones & mobiles.

We have previously reported the Galaxy S8 will have two processor types,the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Samsung’s Exynos processors. Exynos is a series of  System-on-Chips (SoCs) developed and manufactured by Samsung Electronics continuing from the earlier S3C, S5L and S5P line of SoCs.The Exynos 5800, also called the Mali-T628 is said to be featured on the Galaxy S8.

One more point of concern for Samsung is user complaints of following Apple too closely, thereby losing out in value-differentiation. Samsung is doing things like removing the headphone jack, making waterproof phones and curved OLED screens. Will Samsung followers buy a Samsung phone that is a literal clone of the Apple iPhone? Only time will tell. We will keep you updated as more details emerge.


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