FIFA 18 Features

FIFA 18 Features

With the success of FIFA 17, we are eager to know about the latest release of FIFA 18 which is rumored to be released next year in the month of September. We saw the instillation of the  ‘Journey Mode’  in FIFA 17 and this has created the immense popularity and the birth of expectation that FIFA 18 is going to be epic. The journey mode is basically a career mode which allows the players to play as Alex Hunter, a budding footballer, along with this it also lets to control the player’s movements and journey throughout the virtual FIFA universe. The Journey Mode also brings out the effort of an aspiring footballer puts in the football world and the story of his success in the field. The gamers loved this mode and wanted the Journey Mode which they want to see in the advanced FIFA 18. Along with this EA sports will be adding the feature of multiple choices of players with a different background story for each the characters. There might be the inclusion of female characters as FIFA is planning to bring more female players to the game, since they added this feature in FIFA 16.

Fifa 18 Features :

There would be the upgraded version of AL which we would be seeing in the next release of FIFA 18. Since the game has a very realistic approach to it, the makers of the game have planned to bring out some upgraded changes to the game as well.  They will be adding more intelligence to the players, both teammates and the opposition. Which means the players will have a better adaptability to the playing style well, and will also have a better understanding of the match situation. In the last installments of FIFA, we have seen the makers of the game had incorporated some realistic changes into the game and they will surely continue the good work in the upcoming FIFA 18 too. Other than this there will be another addition in terms of the feature like the season achievements like Ballon D’Or. It is fact that for a professional footballer, winning the trophies for his/her respective club or country is one of the main goal so EA Sports has planned to give a realistic approach of the game on its upcoming release, ihave come up with real life award, and with this we get to hear that there is a possibility of the Ballon D’Or ceremony in the Journey mode of FIFA 18.

Though it is very hard to predict the exact FIFA 18 release date, we hope by September 2017, the FIFA 18 will be available for purchase. Thus all we can do is wait till the release  of the game FIFA 18.

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