How to Use Ace Stream Media (Beta) | Download Ace Stream For Mac/Android/Kodi

How to Use Ace Stream Media (Beta) | Download Ace Stream For Mac/Android/Kodi :

Hi Pals, i am here to to illustrate all info & products of AceStream for all platforms like Android, Mac, Windows & Kodi etc., Ace Stream is one of the best video streaming application to watch astonishing High Definition Video Streams  from all shared videos. My Ace Stream Guide will guide you how to setup Ace Stream to enjoy video stream in high quality with ease.

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How to Download Ace Stream Application & Installing AceStream :

How to Use Ace Stream

How to Use Ace Stream Media (Beta) | Download Ace Stream For Mac/Android/Kodi

Installing & Downloading Ace Stream is so simple than other applications. It is available for all platforms ( Android, Windows, Mac, Linux etc. ). Check Out ace stream with proceeding content.

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AceStream Windows – Ace Stream for Windows 7 /8/8.1/10 :

Actually AceStream installation is so simple than any other program installation. To do that just provide smooth clicks on the below links of AceStream download. After downloading AceStream executable just run the EXE file as an Administrator in your Windows PC.

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Download AceStream For Windows Download Links :

After installing Ace Stream if you face any issue regarding AceStream Error, stay tuned to this article at the last section of this page i will provide all solutions of acestream buffering problems and errors etc.,

AceStream Linux Download – Ace Stream For Linux :

This Video Stream App is even available for Linux Platform. To install Ace Stream follow below guide.

Installing Ace Stream on Ubuntu 13.10 & 13.04 OS :

This ace stream guide works confirm for 13.04 version but for 13.10 some times provides an error at some point some times.

Steps of Ace Stream Installation on Ubuntu :

Open Terminal & type it : sudo gedit /et/apt/sources.list

Now at the file bottom, add:

#Ace Stream

deb raring main & save the file and then close it.

Now add repository key to keyring by entering below command on terminal & hit enter :

sudo wget -O – | sudo apt-key add –

Now AceStream Installation

Now you need to update local apt repository with your repository you have added previously, so type this : sudo apt-get update & then hit enter. After that install acestream by using sudo apt-get install acestream-full & press enter.

If you get an error like ” The following packages have not-met/unmet dependencies ” etc.. then you have to install a missing package for further Ace Stream installation. Package name is libdvbpsi7 from this : Download Package . Download a particular architecture by navigating & download 32 or 64 bit version libdvbpsi7 file & install it using Ubuntu Software Center. After installing package file, run installation using : sudo apt-get install acestream-full in terminal to install ace stream.

If you still face any issues, let All Tech Science team know. We are always here to help you regarding this issue.

AceStream Mac OS X – Ace Stream For Mac OS X :

Ace Stream is currently unavailable for Mac PCs/Computers. But there is way to get Ace stream on Mac Pc. To have AceStream on Mac, you should have a software like VM Ware – Boot Camp/Virtual Box. Then install Windows or Linux in Virtual Machine to run Ace Stream. If you need guide for this , comment below then i will provide.

AceStream For Android Users:

AceStream Advantages – Advantages of Ace Stream :

  • It is a famous video stream application to share live videos b/w users & it is similar to BitTorrent
  • You can upload Stream to Others while watching the stream
  • Efficient peer-peer distribution
  • Streams are at high bit rates with greater quality
  • Better protection for content downs


Coming to the Conclusion of AceStream, This is all about Downloading & Installing Ace Stream. If you face any issues just leave some comments below. Share it to all your social media to know them too.

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