Importance Of Regular AC Service And Maintenance

An air conditioner is an essential feature of a home or a workplace. It promotes a comfortable stay at home and a conducive working environment during the hot summer months. Air conditioning technology has improved over the years leading to the manufacture of better, healthier and more hygienic air conditioners. However, many property owners tend to invest in costly and high-quality air conditioners but don’t take it upon themselves to ensure that their units are regularly inspected and serviced.

During the summer months, AC units are usually overworked which leads to a reduction in efficiency, which necessitates the need for regular servicing. Regular ac service ensures that your unit continues operating at almost maximum efficiency for an extended period of time. It is worth noting that without regular maintenance your ac unit tends to lose 5% of its efficiency annually.

There are numerous reasons as to why you should invest in regular ac service and this article takes a look at some of the key reasons.

It Improves Efficiency

As discussed earlier, the lack of regular and proper ac maintenance reduces the efficiency of ac units. This means that they have to work harder and consume more power in order to function normally. This ultimately leads to high energy bills. A poorly maintained ac unit requires 25% more power than an efficiently functioning unit. By scheduling regular ac maintenance, you improve the efficiency of your ac unit which helps to minimize energy consumption during the hot months.

Reduces Emergency Repairs

Even though your ac unit may seem to be functioning properly, it is important to have it regularly inspected. This is because minor ac problems tend to grow into major problems requiring extensive and costly repairs. Poorly maintained ac units are prone to numerous unexpected breakdowns. These breakdowns also tend to occur when the ac unit is needed the most. Regular servicing helps to identify potential problems and fix them early enough.

Improved Quality Of Air

Scientists found that indoor air has 100 times more pollutants than outdoor air. Air conditioners trap air pollutants and allergens through filters. These filters need to be regularly cleaned and replaced. By failing to service your unit, these pollutants, allergens, and disease-causing microorganisms find their way back into your home degrading the quality of air.

Extends The Lifespan Of Your Unit

Regular ac service and maintenance extends the lifespan of your unit. If a component of your unit fails, then the entire unit is compromised which shortens the lifespan of your unit. By conducting regular repairs and maintenance, you ensure that minor problems with your unit don’t grow into major issues. Faulty components are replaced before they affect other parts.

As shown above, there are numerous benefits to ensuring that your ac unit is serviced regularly. From financial benefits to the benefits, you gain as a property owner by having an effective ac unit. Regular ac servicing should be viewed as an investment rather than an expenditure.