Zapya For Windows & Mac PC – Ultimate App For Devices( Free Download )

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Here i am presenting an easy tutorial regarding how to get Zapya For Windows / Mac PC’s or Laptops for free. It App Apk exe is available for allzapya fo pc Windows Versions like Windows 7/8/8.1/10. But for Windows XP these is a small issue. I will tell about that issue. It is very best Sharing App. It doesn’t require any wifi or data connections. It is the best alternative for Bluetooth, Airdrop & NFC but it is faster than those. The amazing feature of this app is it will share or transfer files across all types of Platforms by Wireless Method. No need of extra cables or Softwares. It already crossed 300 million users because of it’s extra-ordinary with ease navigation. No need to doubt it, it is the best sharing app for Windows / Mac /Android/IOS & Other. Then why are you waiting get it quick & Enjoy it’s features. To know more about this Cool Sharing Zapya , have a look at some of it’s features below.

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Features of Zapya For PC – Windows / Mac /Other :

  • You can Share unlimited files across phone to phone , PC – Phone , Vice Versa & Many More.
  • No need of Cables, Data Connection, Wifi Connection, Extra Applications ( Zapya itself is enough to Share & Transfer all your e-goods ).
  • Network Free File Sharing App For Mobiles PC’s & Tabs .
  • You can Share Files with you buddies with 10 mb/s sharing data rate may be 200 times the bluetooth speed.
  • This Zapya’s Connection is really smooth & Fast.
  • Ultimate Progress Bar is available to Control transfering of files ( Videos, Music, Book & Many More ).
  • Far From the Sharing App, It is the Only Application which is having Enhanced Music Player to amuse users hearts at one column & You can shop here .
  • You can also have Pro active Chat with Zapya.
  • And there is a different type of inbox facility with lot of astonishment.
  • Supports¬†English, Spanish, Portuguese, Persian, Indonesian-Bahasa, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Burmese, Italian, Chinese(Simplified & Traditional Spoken) Languages.

And many extra-ordinary features available that means More than 260 amazing enhancements available in it. No need of doubting it, Really it got my stare because of it’s several astonishing features. So Get it, It will be very user at most of all times. To get this Ultimate Zapya on PC Proceed a little further to get Zapya for PC.

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Download Zapya For Windows 7 / 8/8.1/10/XP & Mac :

Actually Zapya is available for all types based on it’s platforms. For Windows , To get Zapya on PC there is an executable installer file called zapya.exe . But Here i am presenting you 3 different ways of getting Zapya on Windows & Zapya on MAC . See them Below.

1 . Using Zapya Installer For PC ( Zapya.exe Method)

2. Zapya for Windows (Zapya for Mac) Using BlueStacks Method

3. Zapya Apk for PC ( APK Method : (Zapya APK Download )

You can follow any method to get this Ultimate Zapya For PC.

1. Download Zapya App For PC – Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP by Using Zapya .exe installer File (executable) :

1 . First you have to Download Zapya For PC – .exe File

Download Zapya EXE For Windows Computer

2 . Double Click it or Do right click and Open it as an administrator.

3 . Now Zapya installation procedure begins on your pc.

4 . Just Proceed by clicking next buttons & I agree buttons. Just in few sec it will complete it’s installation.

5 . Now You can go back to Desktop on your Windows PC and Click on the Zapya Icon which is like a Z Symbol.

6 . Now Share your Files across all platforms with the most fastest sharing Zapya on Windows.


Download Zapya For Mac PC ( Install Zapya on MAC PC ):

zapya for mac

>> Just Proceed with the link which i am providing below this sentence.

Download Zapya For Mac Computer

>> Download the Zapya Installer File For Mac PC from the pop up windows.

>> Install it & Start Fastest Free Sharing By using Zapya on Mac.

At last You got how to Install Zapya on Mac PC. Enjoy it’s amazing features just with the simple click with simple navigation system with lot of amusement.

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2. Download Zapya For PC Using BlueStacks ( How to Install Zapya on PC Using BlueStacks ) :

To continue with this procedure you should have BlueStacks Software installed on your Windows/Mac PC. Then Just follow my simple procedure ¬†below. If you don’t have BlueStacks on PC of yours then you should know How to Get BlueStacks For PC..??..If you face errors regarding bluestacks installation, You should know How to Embed BlueStacks Without Errors..?? After following the above links you can easily get it on your PC. After BlueStacks installation, Proceed with the Zapya installation by using below steps.

>> Open BlueStacks Application by kicking it with your cursor.

>> Give a punch to the Search Icon with your cursor which is like a magnifying glass.

>> Type Zapya on the Search box of Bluestacks and then hit enter.

>> Select Zapya Icon from the results (mostly first result will be the best & wanted result ). Automatically starts installation & it takes some time. Wait for bit.

>> Now go to the All Apps Section of BlueStacks, there you will find zapya’s icon. Click it & Enjoy Sharing files, listening music, Chatting along with the best Phone Back up facility.

I hope you got the most astonishing & featured Zapya For Windows PC. If you didn’t got Zapya from BlueStacks Search Result, Proceed little further to know about the alternative method of getting Zapya on Windows Mac PC.

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3. Install Zapya on Windows PC Using Zapya APK File ( Zapya APK Download ) ( Zapya Updated APP Download ):

Pal searching for Zapya App on BlueStacks is a best method but getting it’s APK and installing that APK on BlueStacks is also the very best method than previous one. Here i am also providing it’s APK too for Windows and Android. And i am also providing Different versions of Zapya APK. Get which version you like or else get the updated one.

>> Click on the link below :

zapya apk download

>> Right Click on the download APK and Open it Using BlueStacks Emulator. Installation automatically completes within few sec.

>> Now Open BlueStacks Emulator and Go to Home Page (All Apps Section).

>> Click on the Zapya Icon which is like a Z symbol & start sharing.

Other versions :

I hope you got some best solution to get Zapya for your Windows & Mac PC with different methods. Enjoy Sharing, Caring & Amusing with Zapya.

That’s it Pal, This is all about Zapya for Windows & Mac PC.

I hope & I am considering that this article is useful to you. If you feel it is useful then just forward it by clicking the social media buttons below & help the buddies to get it.. It is really a very nice sharing app.

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