How to Fix Windows 10 Issues – Quick Guide To Solve Windows 10 OS Problems

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Here i am giving better solutions to fix windows 10 issues / Problems / Errors .If you Upgraded to a new Windows 10 operating system which is now exciting occasionally/actually fraught with some issues. If you have recently installed Windows 10 OS , you may noticed some of the things of it’s OS is not at all working as how they should work ( there are some bugs to fix to make Microsoft OS to work perfectly ). Actually Here i am providing solution to the most five common Windows 10 issues which are facing by the people just after updating to Windows 10 OS.

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#1. Wifi Troubles – Windows 10 Wifi Issues : 

After upgrading to Windows 10 OS , You may noticed that your Wi-Fi connections are unstable. Some time those don’t work at all. In order to solve this problem, here i am providing a very simple solution which seems to be disabling Windows 10 OS’s new Wi-Fi Sensing feature , which makes it easy to connect to all Wi-Fi networks which is around you. In order to do this, You have to go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi settings and You have to turn off the Wi-Fi Sense Option which is including in order to Connect the suggesting available open hotspots and to Connect to the networks shared by my contacts Feature .

windows 10 issues

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#2. Missing Bookmarks in Edge – Windows 10 Bookmarks Issue :

Suppose if you are having Your favorites from your Internet Explorer Browser (or from any other browsers) , You may not ported over to the Windows 10 OS’s new & trending Microsoft Edge browser when you installed OS. To get them back to the normal stage, First open up Edge and then click on the button which is at upper right corner and then proceed with Settings > Import favorites from another browser. Now Choose the internet browser in order to import all your favorites from &  click Import, bookmarks should appear on the screen. I thinks your Windows 10 Bookmarks Issue is solved/fixed.

windows 10 issues

#3. Can’t Download Apps – Windows 10 Download Apps Issue [ Windows 10 Apps Download Issue ]:

If you’re facing any trouble/error regarding downloading of apps – let it be like, you opened Windows Store and tried to download an ultimate app but it failed to acquire a license. To solve/fix this type of  problem/error Use WSReset( troubleshooting tool ), which actually resets the Windows 10 Store without messing up with your account settings or by deleting apps. In order to do this, You have to open Run Dialogue box by using  Windows key + R Shortcut & then type “wsreset” text on the box which is appearing and then hit the Enter key. Now the Window 10 Store will open. Now you can try downloading an app once again. You may also needed to reboot the system after running WSReset Functionality.

windows 10 issues

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#4. Nvidia Driver Problems – Windows 10 Nvidia Problem Fixed :

Some times users of Windows 10 is facing some of the display issues just after Windows 10 installation but to solve that issue you have to fix Nvidia issues by driver fixing. If you have an Nvidia graphics card with you & if  your display is crashed, or if your games and videos aren’t playing perfectly/smoothly then just install Nvidia Graphics again to fix the Nvidia Graphics Problems. Or if you don’t have Nvidia Graphics Driver Software with you, You can download the new Nvidia driver software manually from Nvidia driver website. I think you fixed the Graphic Issue on Windows 10 OS.

windows 10 issues

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If you want to find the latest Nvidia driver Software (version 353.62) for graphics card, You can use the Manual Driver Searching tool in order to input yours driver and for your PC specifications. Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate driver software, just right-click on the file( driver software ) and then click on the Run as Administrator option to open an installation magic wizard. Then complete the installation process of it just by proceeding the next buttons. After installing the new driver, You may need to reboot/restart the system.

#5. No Sound Issue – Windows 10 No Sound Issue Fixed ( Windows 10 Sound Problem Solved ) :

If you are eerie silence from the newly-upgraded Operating System (Windows 10) machine , You should change the bit rate settings like below listed image. In order to do this,  Just right-click on sound’s icon which is in the taskbar and then go to Playback Devices.  There Double-click on the playback device ( means your speakers ) in which you want to configure those. This thing opens a Properties window. Now Proceed with the Advanced > Default Format options and then change the bit rate to either 24 bit, 192000 Hz or 24 bit, 44100 Hz and then click OK button.

windows 10 issuesThat’s it Pal. This is all about the Fixing of Windows 10 Issues .

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