Cortana For Windows 7 /8/8.1/10/XP – Voice Virtual Assistant Free Download for PC Laptop , Android & WindowsPhone

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Here i took a marvelous app on my tech bundle called Cortana. Here i am providing how to download & install Cortana for Windows 7cortana voice /8/8.1/10/XP OS Platforms. It is a Microsoft Voice Virtual Assistant. Here i am providing it’s EXE(installer) File to download Cortana on PC/Computer. Recent analysis confirmed that Cortana is one of the best Voice Virtual Assistant to it’s Users. Here You can also find it’s APK for Android Phones & Windows Phones. It is also provided with excellent customer care facility & always ready to hear you. It is already using my many. So get it once. Don’t surf at some other web island. Here i am providing each & every thing inorder to save your time. Before having cortana, let you know some of it’s features.

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Features of Microsoft Cortana For PC :

  • You can simply speak to search anything on the web. Cortana will take of showing the best results for you.
  • You can create remainders on particular dates by using this Cortana App.
  • You can play songs & video just with your voice commands for Cortana.
  • Cortana sings & will show you a show if you are interested & says with your voice. It will do whatever you say on your device.
  • You can get any solution for your queries just after your little voice commands. It will give your score updates, latest music, latest gossips of cine fields & many more results will be shown if you command.
  • Cortana shows remainders, gives suggestions , provided best solutions for your queries & Many more .

It is really a very good digital personal consultant & assistant. I hope these features are so amusing to have experience with it on your device. So try it once. To get it , Proceed with the next para which i provided below. There are lot more features involved in it.

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Download Cortana For Windows 7 /8/8.1/10/XP PC Laptop:

Here i am providing Cortana For Windows 7 / 8/8.1/10/XP Computers to keep them update with latest trending & mostly useful popular tech applications. But When the Cortana Publisher is Publishing, He changed it’s name as Braina. Braina/Cortana Publisher name is Briano. It is the exact replica of my sayings. To get it Proceed with me a little further in this article. We can also call it as Cortana alternative .

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Download & Install Cortana Alternative For Windows 10 /8/8.1/7/xp Computer ( Braina For Computer ):

To have Braina on PC, Just proceed Click on the provided links & steps on this article to get you Cortanas replica ( braina ) on your computer.

>> Click on Me : Download Cortana Alternative (Braina) & Download the file.

>> Double Click on the Downloaded File & then continue the installation by pressing the next buttons with your cursor.

>> Finally Complete the installation procedure by pressing final button & then Open the installed Braina App on your PC.

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Cortana APK Download ( Cortana App For Android ) :

To have this Cortana App on your Android Mobile, You just need at least Android 4.4 Versions or later trending Versions on your Android Phone.

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Cortana For Windows Phone :

This is a original cortana app with several audible notes. If you want someone to remember all your forgotten things then cortana application which is the exact replica of your personal assistance , guidance & give suggestions . It is digital so never be forgotten at least a little bit of your voice command. It will proceed the procedure of the your voice. Just say, Every task will be finished & processed on your device. To get it Click below & install the application.

At last You got Cortana installed on your PC / Mobile / Tablet. Enjoy making fun with your personal digital assistant.

That’s it. This is all about Microsoft Cortana For Windows 7 /8/8.1/10/xp/Android/WindowsPhone

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  2. Lost AIML says:

    Tried both the Braina for PC and the Cortana for PC. They both have issues. The Braina fails to work properly.

    Too many of these so called Personal Assistants are not very user friendly.

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