5 Smart Tips for Packing When Moving House

You’re finally moving into a new house, but you’re faced with the most overwhelming task – packing your stuff. But here’s the good news, there are many ways to make packing a lot easier. From getting started on time to obtaining quotes from house movers in Charlotte, NC, the following 5 smart tips will prepare you to pack with lesser worries.


  1. Avoid Procrastination

    “Don’t procrastinate” – probably, can be considered a golden rule. Packing things up seems like an easy thing to do, but getting started is actually a challenge. A few weeks or days prior to your moving day, begin packing a number of boxes a day. It’s also helpful if you create a goal or schedule of which items in your house should you pack per day or week. If you stick to this routine, you will be more organized in packing, and the job won’t be as difficult as it seems. Make your life easier by not waiting to get started.


  1. Pack By Room

    Observe systematic packing by doing one room at a time, so you’ll feel more organized. Avoid putting household items from different rooms in the same container box. Begin with the least-used items first and pack those that you use daily last. For inventory purposes, you can also create a list or spreadsheet detailing items for each box and the room it belongs to so you know where everything is.


  1. Use Packing Labels

    The key to being organized is to label clearly your boxes. Write a brief general description on each box about its contents and the room from which it is from. For clarity, you can use different colored markers or label tags for each room.


  1. Know Which Materials You Can’t Pack

    Some household items shouldn’t be packed as they can be hazardous when shipped. Such items are aerosols, cleansers with bleach or ammonia, lighter fluid, oil or gas of any sort, paint cans, pesticides, and poisons.


  1. Look for Affordable Moving Boxes

    Find cheap boxes designed for moving. Regular boxes bought from the grocery are not always clean and sturdy to hold fragile and important materials you need to pack. Moreover, boxes that come in different sizes can make loading a bit difficult. To find the best deals for the affordable cardboard boxes, get quotes from house movers in Charlotte, NC.


Having to pack up your entire house may seem like a daunting task. But knowing how to pack your stuff properly and choosing the correct packing boxes will help ease the stress of your moving day.