Learn, Move, and Achieve with Physical Literacy

Your beliefs are established early in life. Behaviors, as per psychologist Dr. Abigail Brenner, are programmed or set in place by parents, teachers, peers, and other significant figures in a child’s early life. Once subconsciously entered in your mind, the attitude, behaviors, and beliefs become rooted in you.

What is Physical Literacy?

It makes sense that what we are instilling healthy behaviors during childhood. Here comes the concept of Physical Literacy, which teaches children to move and feel with confidence. This concept is already prevalent in Canada, and the United Kingdom acknowledged it in scientific journals. There are Montessori schools Jacksonville FL, which can help your children with their physical literacy.

Why the Need for Physical Literacy?

According to studies, physical activities are also vital to children’s learning, the same way how kids should be competent in writing, reading, and basic math for them to be successful in studies and have a fulfilling life. Another thing, a child trying to learn to move with confidence, is also like the same way he works to be eloquent on his speech.

Richard Monette, a sports psychologist, stated that physical literacy is entirely about advancing the fundamental movement skills that are essential for the growth of your child, which helps in giving them the confidence needed in various physical activities, games, and sports. Montessori schools Jacksonville FL are an excellent way to start their development.

Lack of physical activity in the US for children, according to the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), increases the epidemic in child obesity, which may turn into a national health crisis. According to studies, almost a third of the children’s population is obese or overweight. It may be a cause of concern if not addressed for it will lead to diabetes, heart diseases, osteoarthritis, cancer, and stroke.

Early Schooling in Addressing Physical Literacy

Enrolling your kids early in Montessori schools Jacksonville FL is an ideal way to help develop their physical literacy. Aside from the chance for formless outdoor plays, they can learn how to live a healthy behavior. They can comfortably move with confidence once encourage that fitness is fun by helping them create a model gym environment.