Top Three Best Long Island Roofing Materials for Your Home

Most people seldom give much importance to the roofing when building their homes. They usually leave the home-builders to decide on the type, style, and kind of roof they will put into their houses. Here are the top three best roofer Long Island materials, which can be installed to protect your homes from sun, snow, and rain. 

Wood Shingle and Shake Roof

Homeowners have loved wood shingles and shake roofs for their rustic feel and attractive look. Woods, like cedar, redwood, cypress or pine, make your roof naturally beautiful. Wood shingles are cut by machines, while wood shakes are manually cut by hands. Wood roofs are durable, which can last for about 25 to 30 years and even 50 years with proper maintenance. However, repairs of wood shingles and shakes roofs are expensive if not properly kept. 

Wood roofs are popularly used for Victorian, Tudor, and Cape Cod houses, and cabins and cottages. But if you live in areas prone to wildlife, this type of roof is not suited for you.

Metal Roof

If your priority is durability, metal roofing is your best choice, which can last from seventy-five to one hundred years. Metal roofs can be coated and painted; thus, various colors are available to suit your taste. Metal roofs can be made of aluminum, zinc, lightweight steel, and for the more expensive type, copper. But, they can also be made to look like wood shingles, shakes, or tiles. 

This type of roofer in Long Island can be easily installed and may be recycled at the end of service life. It is resistant to extreme weather conditions but can get noisy when it’s raining.

Tile Roof

Roof tiles, usually installed in an overlapping manner, need sturdy roofing frames to hold the weight of the tiles. Tile roofs, like clay, concrete, or fiber cement, are fire-resistant and can last for about fifty years. Though tile roofs are durable, they are susceptible to cracks. 

Getting the right roofing for your home is valuable to protect your family in every season of the year. There is a professional roofer in Long Island services available, which can help you select the perfect roof for you to last a lifetime.