How to run,download android apps for pc

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Don’t you know how to Run, Download & Play android apps on Windows/Mac Device(computer/mobile/tablet) ??. Don’t Worry Pal, Here i am showing you a better way for that. I will help you how to download and Use android applications on your Windows/Mac PC. InOrder to run android apps on your pc you need to know the things listed below:

1)Download Android Apps
2)Download Emulator to run Android Apps in your PC and
3)Install Android Apps on PC and run in emulator and enjoy with playing.

See these links to know more: BlackMart AlphaMovieBox for PC, Showbox for PC ,BrainDots for PC.

How to download Android Apps for PC..??

You don’t need any special type of android apps. You can just download and run any android app in your PC just by using emulators like Bluestacks or Andy or IntelAppUp or youwave. But there is a small problem with this android apps. It is nothing but some of the android might not be compatable with your emulator. Downloading android apps is just a simple task. Just do google search for apk file(android file) which you want to install in your PC and download it and run it in your pc by using emulator.

How to Download Emulator and Play Android Apps in your PC..??

Just download any android emulator for PC either Bluestacks or Andy from the following links:


How to Install Android Apps in your PC..??

If you have already downloaded android apps in your PC then Open them with Bluestacks or Andy Emulator in your PC. Otherwise type in search box of emulator and download apps which you want and install them in your PC.

How to Run or Open or Play Android Apps in PC..??

To run an android app on pc just search for that installed app and Open it. Your Android app will open in your PC. Now you can enjoy by playing android apps on your PC.


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