Best Android Alternative of the Year : Aptoide

Best Android Alternative of the Year : Aptoide

Nowadays, almost all the smart phones are loaded with Play Store app market, but are you bored of using the same repeated apps? Are you looking for another market place which has a better collection of apps? Then you are landed at the right place, because Aptoide is an ultimate solution to all your problems related to apps. It is a one stop solution for all the app hunters who are always looking for a new collection of apps in various categories. This particular software has a collection of large number of app which is compatible for Android smart phone.

Aptoide consists of more than 500,000 apps, along with some of the most well known such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, VLC, etc. It also has some of the exclusive apps in its collection which helps the users in downloading high definition videos from YouTube. All the necessary data and license are embedded in the startup itself and the app has full authority to use that data. It was started in Portugal in 2011 and it currently has all the apps for Android smart phone as well as Android televisions. It has raised $4 Million to create a place in the market as the most desired alternative for Android Play Store.

It is confirmed by all the major investors and stakeholders that the content, license, and software of this app are totally original and is not copied from any other sources. For the convenience of the users with low budget smart phone having limited storage, this app also has a lite version. With this, anyone can make use of the services provided by this app. With growing demand of Play Store alternatives in the software market, Aptoide wishes to increase its database and users to two folds in the upcoming years. It also aims to gather more number of investors for a better marketing opportunity as compared to Google’s Play Store.

In order to download free Aptoide, one has to make the smart phone compatible for the installation of this app. This is because most of the time your smart phone does not allow the installation of apps from other sources and for this you will need to make necessary changes in the settings of your phone. This will allow the installation of apps from other sources, and only then one can make use of this Aptoide.

Best Android Alternative of the Year : Aptoide

In order to download Aptoide for free, you will need to follow the below mentioned instructions:

  1. Find the download link for latest version of Aptoide APK which can let you install the app directly on your device.
  2. Let the file download completely, and wait for it to show the notification of completion.
  3. Then you will have to find the location of the file and select the package installer.
  4. Tap the option which says “Install” and wait till the process gets completed.
  5. Now, you can successfully run the app on your device and download a number of desirable apps for your smart phone.

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