Will Xbox 2: Project Scorpio be the Most Powerful Console Ever?

Will Xbox 2 : Project Scorpio be the Most Powerful Console Ever?

With the release of the Xbox One s on June 13, 2016, Microsoft gave us the Xbox One S, a slimmer version of the Xbox One, which turned out to be not only popular gaming console but also brought in a lot of profit in the market. With such success it was pretty obvious that the buyers are looking forward for the release of the next best which is going to be the Xbox2 which according to the amount of rumours is set to be released in the year 2018. Now the biggest question is as to whether this version of the gaming console by Microsoft will be the next best when it comes to gaming consoles. We have been waiting for the updates about the release date or rather any updates about the Xbox 5. This impending question was finally answered by Microsoft as they finally revealed the updated gaming console – the Xbox 2: Project Scorpio. The upcoming console is said to be the most interesting and exciting release of Microsoft to date. Sources even told that it could exceed the applause given by the PlayStation 4 Pro. Let us have a look as to why this gaming console will be the most powerful console ever.

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More about the Xbox 2 : Project Scorpio

According to Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, admitted that the ‘Xbox 2: Project Scorpio’ would be released next year.  With regards to the sources we hear that the Xbox is coming up with features that are never seen in other gaming consoles. Here are the features that will be there in the next Xbox 2.

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The first feature that the devoted fans of the Xbox series should look forward to is the  4k games compatibility. It was believed that the gaming console would support 4k gaming tagged with Windows 10 integration.  Secondly comes the VR-compatibility, consumers should still be happy about this despite its appearance on other consoles before. This is because the Project Scorpio is known to be VR ready that would eventually let users access the PC games in VR. Apart from this it is also speculated that the Xbox 2: Project Scorpio’ would feature Powerful GPU and Xbox One content compatibility.

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News about the Xbox 2 : Project Scorpio being cheaper

Considering the cost of the Xbox 2: Project Scorpio Phil Spencer also revealed that the gaming console would just be priced around $500-$600. Since this is apparently a rumour that the upcoming Xbox would be priced equal to the high-end gadgets that are being released today. So most likely we can say that the Xbox 2: Project Scorpio is the next best gaming console that we are going to see releasing the next year.

In conclusion, we can say that the Xbox 2 is the next best gaming console that we need to look forward to. we don’t think Microsoft will postpone the release date of the Xbox 2 too much. So in the worst possible scenario, the Xbox 2 should be launched by mid of 2017. 

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