Why Google Play Store Is Loosing Its Charm? – Google PlayStore Alternative

Why Google Play Store Is Loosing Its Charm – Google PlayStore Alternative ?
The way people are using smartphones today, is radically different from when it started. Android apps have played a crucial role in this transition, as they remain the powerhouse of an android smartphone. A large bunch of android users, still stick to the Google Play Store when it comes to discovering and trying new apps. Lately, however, with the rise of third party android app stores, which provide added benefits, have started gaining popularity. Users have started putting their faith into these alternative android app stores putting aside the Google Play Store. But Why?

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I would attribute this partly to the developers & Play Store policies and partly to the mindset of the users around the world. Taking the developers first. If you remember, recently, Pokemon Go was released. But it was released for all the countries. Only handful of countries were pitched the latest Pokemon Go game, powered by Nintendo. As a result, the rest of the world went crazy, and they entered a treasure hunt to find Pokemon Go APK. The world is a nasty place and anything can be converted into a pirated version in no time. Apparently, most people even outside the allowed countries, already had their hands on the Pokemon Go.

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Why Google Play Store Is Loosing Its Charm – Google PlayStore Alternative App ?

google playstore alternative

google playstore alternative app

This was one instance, which boosted the popularity of the third party android app stores. Let me bring in another angle to view this. Many a times, due to stringent policies of Google Play Store, apps get rejected. The developers, hence, have no other option but to either discard their creation, which of course might seem a nightmare, or find another home for their app. The latter choice is what a sane human would prefer. So, again the alternative android app store have gained a point. This condenses to yet again increase in the popularity of third party android app stores from the developers’ side.

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Last but not the least, is the android users’ mindset. Everyone wants premium apps for free. Nobody wants to pay for them. There are many notorious developers, whose prime task is to crack the premium apps and release them for free. Obviously, these apps can not be released on Play Store, so the third party android app stores are again looked for. How do these developers gain, is a whole different concept, which we will keep for another day.

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Now let us take some real examples and address the players who have decided to compete with the Google app store. Recently, Aptoide, one of the fastest growing app store for android has received funding from renowned companies. Aptoide is trying to build a community of users, who can download the app and build their own mini app stores for display. Other users can browse the collection of all the users, and follow them for trying specific type of apps. Flekstore is another such app which provides access to most of the premium android apps for free.

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