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Hello from Sammy (That’s me 🙂 )

My name is Pavan Kumar Sake. My NickName is Sammy, and I am the Founder of AllTechScience.

Pavan Kumar Sake

Founder & CEO of AllTechScience

When i launched AllTechScience into the blogosphere, I had no idea where I was heading.  But now i improved a lot and i am providing the best info to my users to the best of my knowledge .

Here at AllTechScience, I will share everything regarding Best Android Apps for PC , Games for PC , Apps for Windows | Mac | Iphone/Ipad | Android under All Apps Section , Science Info  . My Main theme is to Share the Experience which i got through books, things i implemented and the experience on those above listed topics.

About Me 🙂

Hi Buddies…

Allow me to introduce myself to you: My name is Pavan Kumar Sake ( Sammy ) and I am a man who is passionate about internet marketing , blogging , science and technology.

I was formally educated as an engineer but now i am a Blogger by profession.

I completed my primary education with Sri Sai Vidyanikethan School in 2009, and received my B.Tech. degree in Engineering from RGUKT-RKValley in 2015.  Prior to becoming a blogger, I worked as a webcasting volunteer for the election commission.  Actually i started my blogging career at the starting time of 2014 and i was failed and i faced many hurdles and left the blogging career for few months then i started my blogging career again and now i am continuing.

Computers , technology , Science and Business are my passions since I was a child. I started with part-time blogging at first and then after few month i became into full-time blogger.

I am an average person who believes in “Smart Work with Hard Work Always wins the Race” and by that i want to make my life happy because we got only one beautiful life. I know one thing for a fact is: Experience is more important than dollars and lots of BMW’S. Blogging helps me to live updated with passion.

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Here at AllTechScience, I am going to share everything that I have learning and experiencing over the time.I will share everything via blog posts which i learned , used , studied and experienced

About AllTechScience 🙂

AllTechScience primarily focuses on Android Apps for PC , Games for PC , Apps for Windows | Mac | Iphone/Ipad | Android , Science Info  and some interested useful posts . I will give you the best info.

What Users can Expect from AllTechScience?

  • Android Apps for PC
  • Games for PC
  • Apps for Windows ( under all apps section)
  • Apps for Mac ( under all apps section)
  • Apps for Iphone/Ipad | iOS devices ( under all apps section )
  • Science Info ( mostly regarding physics , chemistry , science updates )
  • And some other best useful info

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If user want to be a part in Alltechscience 🙂

To be a part of AllTechScience write an article for me and send an email to me which is in the Contact Page . I am accepting Guest Posting for AllTechScience . Article Should be minimum of 300-400 words with 2-3 images . It should not contains download links , Video url’s , Negative Content . Article must belong to one of the categories which i listed above. Thanks , If you want to be a Part of AllTechScience.

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I am so glad for your interest. Thanks for Reading..

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