3 Tips On Packing And Moving Fragile Items

Packing glasses and dishware is one of the most crucial but challenging tasks you’ll face when moving. While professional movers Harrisburg PA will be careful with your possessions, properly wrapping breakables will help make things go smoother. Here are three tips on how to prepare your glasses, dishes, and china for moving.

 Invest In The Right Packing Materials

Your choice of packing material will make a difference, so it’s best to invest in the best ones for your needs. Consider using dish barrels to give fragile items more protection. But corrugated or regular boxes will also do the trick. You’ll also need cellular dividers, foam pouch inserts, cushioning materials like packing peanuts, pillows, or blankets, and lots of old newspapers or wrapping paper.

Wrap Breakables Carefully But Tightly

The trick to wrapping plates and glassware is to wrap them individually, with enough material covering them on all sides. Make sure you put some paper in the open end of the glass for extra cushioning. Place the glass or plate on a sheet of paper and fold or tuck the sides over it. Don’t be afraid of using a lot of wrapping material. Double wrap the stems of elegant glassware or fine china to prevent breakage.

Layer Plates And Glasses From Heaviest To Lightest

Line the bottom of the boxes with some protective cushioning before you start packing. You can use blankets or clothes or a bed of crumpled paper. Place the larger and heavier items on the bottom. It will prevent smaller items from being crushed. Medium-sized china should follow, and lightweight glasses or dishes will go on top.

Make sure items are surrounded by cushioning and padding materials. Leave about a three-inch space from the top and fill it with crumpled paper and other cushioning material. Doing so will also ensure that these fragile items are safe from compression caused by stacking several boxes.

Packing breakable items don’t have to be stressful, especially if you follow these tips. Hiring professional movers Harrisburg PA is still the best way to transport fragile items though. You’re assured that your treasured possessions will get to your new home safely and it’s less stressful.